Why Choose Us?

  • Mission Statement - We at DeYoung's Automotive know your car is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom. Your car lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work, buying groceries, and picking up the children from school. You depend on it, so it’s important your car receives quality repairs and service. When you bring your car to DeYoung's Automotive, we make sure your car leaves trouble-free so you can have your freedom, and your peace of mind. Come and see for yourself. When you bring your car to us for maintenance or repair, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses.

  • Fleet Services - Additionally, we work on Fleet Vehicles and with Fleet Services.

  • Company Awards & Distinctions - City of Los Angeles Certificate of Appreciation. Senate Certificate of Appreciation. DeYoung's Automotive Customer Satisfaction Award. Active Merchant in Canoga Park Being Named All-America City. Daily News Readers Choice Award voted Best Automotive Repair Shop. Certificate of Recognition of 50+ Years from The Canoga Park Improvement Association. Elite Status in the Ford Professional Service Network.

  • Company Policies/Warranties –  All work has a 12,000 mile or 12 month warranty, whichever comes first. 

DeYoung's Automotive in the 1970's.

DeYoung's Automotive in the 1970's.

Our Story

DeYoung's Automotive has been family owned and operated at the same location since 1953, servicing the San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, and Conejo Valley for 60 years.  All of our technicians are ASE certified and have over 285 cumulative years of automotive experience. 

Our constant goal is to provide honest, reliable, and quality repairs and services at a fair price.  All service work is performed using the scheduled maintenance guidelines supplied to us by the manufacturer of each make of vehicle.  We will never recommend service that is premature or not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

For any questions regarding service, estimates, or to make an appointment, please call and speak with any one of our technicians or service personnel.

DeYoung's Automitive about 1959.

DeYoung's Automitive about 1959.


Our History

Bill DeYoung was born in Culver City to Dutch immigrants who had just arrived in Los Angeles via Ellis Island, New York.  While growing up, he and his 5 brothers were always interested in working on cars and making them go faster, which soon had them on a first name basis with the L.A.P.D.. 

After serving on destroyers in the South Pacific during World War II, Bill returned to Culver City and went to work for Standard Oil of California, which is where he met his wife of 64 years, Annette Davis.  He soon was promoted to manager and then to instructor in Standard Oil's retail division.  It was there he learned from a long time employee that people never stay long in one location working for an oil company.  After hearing this,  he decided that he did not want to be constantly moving since he had 3 young children and made the big decision to start his own business.   Standard Oil was starting to expand their service station locations, one was in the rural town of Canoga Park with a population of just 5,000 people.  Bill's  father in law , A.C. Davis worked for the Auto Club of Southern California from the 1930's to 60's.  He mapped the new roads and hung route and mileage signs throughout the Southwest.  Mr. Davis mentioned to Bill that the West San Fernando Valley might be the next big place to grow.   

A company named Rocketdyne was moving to Canoga Park to design, make, and test engines for the unheard notion of space exploration.   After visiting Canoga Park, the DeYoung family felt this "small town" community might be the perfect place to raise a family.  In 1952,  construction began and in March of 1953, DeYoung's Chevron was open for business.  Bill's first load of gas was purchased with a check from an account with a zero balance. He worked all day and night and into the next day and quickly made a deposit.  That was the last time his account had a zero balance.

As the years went on and business grew, the land next to the station was purchased from the VFW.   In 1959 a 6 bay garage was built to service his ever expanding repair business.  Then in 1960, looking for a way to further service his customers, Bill contracted with the Auto Club of Southern California to run their Emergency Roadside Service.  DeYoung's Automotive & Towing started with just 3 trucks and servicing about 15 calls a day.  Forty seven  years later the towing service had a fleet of 15 trucks and a call volume of 180 calls per day.  Yes, Canoga Park had definitely grown!

Over the years DeYoung's Automotive has evolved with the ever shifting economy and car culture.  Bill retired  after many years and his son Lon continues to run Deyoung's.  In 2001 the corner was completely remodeled to address the booming auto repair and service business in the West Valley.   We now have 11 Service bays and 10 repair and service technicians.  The shop was updated with the latest automotive technology to further enhance our automotive repair capability. 

Today we repair and service over 500 cars monthly and look forward to providing quality automotive service for the current and future generations of customers.

The West Valley will continue to grow and change, and with all our valued customers and friends, we will drive into the future together. 

Our Team

Jack - 45 Years Experience


  ASE Certifified Master Automobile Technician and Advanced Level Specialist - Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Automobile Advanced Engine Performance, Automatic Transmission and Transaxle, Manuel Transmission and Transaxle, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical / Electronics Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning. BAR Certified Smog Technician, Califonia State Licensed Brake and Lamp Adjuster, EPA Certified Air Conditioning Technician, GM Master Technician.

Leonard - 42 Years Experience


  ASE Certified Automobile Technician and Advanced - Level Specialist - Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Automobile Advanced Engine Performance, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, Electrical / Electronic Systems Heating and Air Conditioning. BAR Certified Smog and Repair Technician, EPA Certified Air Conditioning Technician.

Dan - 40 Years Experience


 ASE Certified Automobile Technician - Brakes, EPA Certified Air Conditioning Technician, Engine Repair.

John - 41 Years Experience


 ASE Certified Automobile Technician and Master Technician - Engine Performance and Repair, Automatic Transmission and Transaxle / Manual Drive Train and Axles / Brakes / Electrical / Electronics Systems, Heating and EPA Certified Air Conditioning Technician.

Steven - 17 Years Experience



ASE Certified Automobile Technician - Engine Performance, Electrical / Electronics System, Suspension and Steering, Brakes, EPA Certified Air Condition and  Heating Technician. California State Licensed Brake and Lamp Adjuster.

Josh - 17 Years Experience


 ASE Certified Service Consultant, ASE Certified Maintenance and Light Technician, Automotive
Maintenance Specialist.

Mike - 10 Years Experience


 Assistant Office Manager.

Ron - 13 Years Experience


 Automotive Maintenance Specialist.

Lon - 50 Years Experience


 ASE Certified Service Consultant, Automotive Maintenance Specialist.